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Look Good, Feel Good At Every Age

beautiful-girl-wearing-white-dressWe all want to look our best but maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance takes time and effort. Utilizing effective products and services can help us be happy and content with our appearance at every age.  We also want to achieve a more youthful look in a warm environment by an experienced physician who uses state of the art techniques. Our practice philosophy is based on the belief that your treatment is more than cosmetic, it is a medical procedure which requires expertise and the use of the latest products and technology. Marie DiLauro MD – Reflections is a leader in non-surgical and surgical skin enhancement, liposuction, liposculpture and fat reduction with over 25 years experience.

We can help you look your best, at any age, by teaching you proper skin care and performing professional treatments on your skin, on a regular basis, just like you do with your hair and nails.



“I am very pleased with Dr. DiLauro and her kind staff at Reflections”

“Upon arriving at Reflections, the staff greeted me with warmth and enthusiasm. They truly make you feel like part of their family. In addition, Dr. DiLauro is so helpful in explaining procedures and answering all of my questions and concerns with her many years of knowledge and experience. It’s hard to imagine that such a place as Reflections exists in Columbus, Ohio. Also, if you ask for a procedure that Dr. DiLauro does not think necessary she will tell you not to have it, unlike others who are simply counting the dollar signs! My husband has noticed immediate results. I am very pleased with such a terrific find as Dr. DiLauro and her kind staff at Reflections.”

A very pleased client from New Albany, Ohio

Why Reflections? 5 Good Reasons!

1) Our Patients Come First

Before your first treatment, we provide a free, private and confidential consultation so we can get to know you, so you will feel comfortable at our office and confident in your treatment choice. At the consultation we answer your questions and discuss treatment options with you. We provide a wide range of aesthetic treatment options and together we will customize and design a treatment plan that is just right for you.

2) We Constantly Monitor Your Progress

Professional photographs help us track the progress of your treatment program, not snapshots taken with you standing against a wall but high-resolution, digital photographs that can be reviewed on a large monitor. Without good professional photographs we cannot adequately judge the effectiveness of your treatments. Before your first treatment and at regular intervals you will be photographed so we can monitor your results and modify your program if needed.

3) Continuity of Treatment by Trained and Experienced Professionals

At Reflections, Dr. Marie DiLauro performs most procedures so you are always treated by the same Physician. Dr. DiLauro has practiced medicine in our community for over 25 years and has extensive and advanced training in lasers and other light based medical devices. Dr. DiLauro is one of the few Physicians in the nation who is Board Certified by the prestigious American Board of Laser Surgery.

4) We Specialize

Reflections is not a spa, clinic or an out-of-town chain or franchise operation. We are a locally owned and operated medical office dedicated to excellence in cosmetic procedures and anti-aging skin care. We focus on the health and beauty of your skin. Non-surgical skin care is not a side line at Reflections. It is our specialty.

5) We Proudly Show Our Results

Because we photograph the progress of all of our patients we have volumes of before and after pictures for you to see. Our before and after photographs have been published in several national cosmetic journals. Because each individual responds differently to a given treatment we will show you pictures of different patient’s results so that you can have a better idea of what results you might expect from your chosen treatment.

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