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Fat Transfer

Do you want breasts that are more shapely or a rounder butt? How about a younger looking face or hands? Then fat transfer may be a good natural option for you.

Natural augmentation allows us to remove excess body fat from your donor area and transfer it to another area to create an enhanced shape in another body area like the butt, breasts, hands, cheeks and lips. Transferred fat also contains stem cells that can create smooth youthful skin, and improve cellulite and scars.*

Brazilian Butt Lift

Natural Butt Augmentation

butt augmentation photoRound, perky butts are in style, and we often get requests to perform butt augmentation on both men and women.
Women who want a more youthful, voluptuous body with a perky, round butt may benefit from a procedure called the “Brazilian Butt Lift” which combines expert liposculpting with fat transfer to the buttocks.

In order to create a beautiful butt, Dr. Marie DiLauro first artistically removes the excess fat surrounding the butt in the hips, back and thighs to create a smaller waist and enhance the underlying shape of the butt. Then the fat from these areas is purified and carefully placed in the butt under ultrasonic guidance to create a more voluptuous, curvaceous buttocks.
Even women who do not have a large amount of fat can benefit from butt sculpting. A large amount of fat may be needed to create a very large buttock.

At your complimentary consultation you will have the opportunity to review the before and after pictures of our actual patients. We will examine you, answer your questions, give you a personal quote for the procedure and help you determine if Natural Butt Augmentation is right for you.

Fat Transfer to the butt starts at $7,500. Thinner patients may benefit from butt sculpting alone which ranges from $3,900 to $5,900.*

Natural Breast Augmentation

Natural Breast Augmentation photoMany women wish that their breasts were more shapely with increased volume or cleavage. After breastfeeding, many mothers notice that their breasts do not look as full. Many of these women do not want artificial breast implants and would prefer to avoid invasive surgery. Other women have asymmetric breasts, inverted nipples or unsightly depressed surgical scarring after prior breast surgery or reconstruction. Many of these women could benefit from fat transfer to the breasts, also known as natural breast augmentation.

With natural breast augmentation, we remove your own extra fat from an area of your body, purify it, and transfer it to your breasts to create a better shape and contour. Your breasts will look and feel natural, and you will also have a better shape from losing the extra fat that was removed from your donor area.

Is Natural Breast Augmentation a good option for you? If you have excess fat on your body and desire a fuller, more shapely breast you might be a good candidate for fat transfer to your breasts. Let us examine you, find out your personal goals, and learn if natural breast augmentation will work for you.*

Fat Transfer to the Face

Have you experienced a noticeable loss of volume in your face with more prominent jowls, frown lines, and nasolabial folds? Do your lips look like they need some “air in the tires”? Do you have noticeable lip lines? Have you ever had fillers injected into your lips or nasolabial folds?

Your own fat is the perfect natural filler. Extra fat on one area of your body can be transferred to replace volume in your entire face, or can be used to enhance a specific area of your face, like the lips, cheeks, chin, nasolabial folds, and marionette lines.*

Fat Transfer for Cellulite

Do you have any body areas of cellulite that have deep dents or depressions? In your butt or in your thighs? Often these dents and depressions will improve with fat grafting to each separate dent and depression.*

Fat Transfer for Increased Muscle Definition

Would you like to appear more athletic with increased muscle definition in your chest, arms or abdomen? Do you work out regularly yet do not seem to achieve the increased muscle mass and definition that you desire? We can transfer small amounts of fat to different areas of the body to give you a more sculpted, athletic look. Fat is often transferred to the pectoralis muscles to increase muscle definition and improve the overall shape of the male chest. Fat can be transferred to create a “six pack” in the abdomen by increasing the prominence of the rectus abdominus muscles.*

Fat Grafting to Correct Defects, Depressions and Scars

Do you have any unsightly surgical scars, dents or depressions from prior procedures, liposuctions or surgeries? A small amount of your own fat can often be transferred to these areas to create a smoother less noticeable scar.*

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