47 E. Wilson Bridge Road

Columbus, Ohio 43085

Phone: 614-885-3500

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47 E. Wilson Bridge Road

Columbus, Ohio 43085

Phone: 614-885-3500

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∗ See Dr. DiLauro's article, "Beyond Liposuction: Fat melting, skin tightening combos", published in the Cosmetic Surgery Times, by clicking here: Beyond Liposuction article


DDs Liposuction Experience

In Their Own Words

“I am absolutely thrilled with the out come of my Vaser Liposuction performed by Dr. Marie.
In my situation, a couple years ago I developed an immune disorder and the treatment of steroids and other medications used to control my immune system caused me to put on extra weight as well as for my breasts to grow. I decided that I had to do something as I had become very self conscience with my chest and abdomen.


Photo: before and 3 months after liposuction treatment to correct Gynecomastia (enlargement of the male breast) and flatten the abdomen

I searched the web and all types of treatments and determined that Vaser Lipo was probably my best option. That is when I came across Dr. Marie and her “Reflections” website.

Dr. Marie was more than I every expected to find in my search. She is very honest with you about what she feels can be achieved for you in results. There are no wild claims nor guarantees offered that she can make you into something beyond expectations.
Dr. Marie is very professional and has extensive training in Vaser Lipo, but what makes her a great surgeon is Dr. Marie has an excellent artist eye and the hand to eye coordination to sculpture your body so as to give you the best results possible.

The Vaser Lipo was done in her office and I was awake. Don’t remember much of it, but I was awake. There was pain afterwards but I would classify it as I was very sore like I had worked out and did thousands of sit-ups. There is bruising and swelling, but this does go down after a couple weeks. While they say you can return to work, I would suggest you figure on taking several days off to let yourself heal.

Dr. Marie and her staff are excellent to work with and I highly recommend that you at least have a consultation with her. Whether you are a man or a woman, you have nothing to lose and potentially a solution to your dilemma that will help restore your confidence about your body.” *

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