Laser Hair Removal

You’ve probably tried the most common hair removal techniques with little or no lasting results. You’ve discovered that shaving is inconvenient, creams are messy and waxing is uncomfortable.

At Reflections we offer laser hair removal for any part of your body, but we know that some
areas are more prone to unwanted hair growth than others.laser-hair-removal-photo in columbus-ohio

Upper Lip

In just a few minutes we can remove upper lip hair so that your lovely face will match your youthful outlook and confidence.

Facial Hair

A woman’s face is no place for hair. The softer, finer hair that develops on the face as well as well as coarser hairs on the chin and neck can be removed to restore a youthful vitality to your skin and your attitude.

Legs and Underarms

Reflections offers long lasting hair removal relief from the daily grind of shaving your legs and underarms. Ask us for details on how we can turn your shower into a relaxing few minutes instead of a daily chore.

Bikini Line and Body Treatments

It can be quite discouraging to find the perfect swimsuit, try it on and find that it reveals hair. At Reflections we safely remove hair from all over the body. All of our hair removal procedures are supervised or performed by Dr. Marie DiLauro, with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.

Hair Removal for Men

Many men use laser hair removal to thin the areas of their body with thick, heavy hair growth so that they feel more comfortable in social situations. Others prefer to treat the hair on their neck or beard area so that they can shave less frequently or not at all.

At Reflections, we have several different hair removal lasers including the three best hair removal systems available: the ClearScan, Lightsheer and the Coolglide lasers. Hair removal lasers permanently reduce the amount of hair in a given area by using an intense beam of light with one wavelength that is selectively absorbed by the root of each actively growing pigmented hair follicle. Each pulse of the ClearScan, Lightsheer and Coolglide laser disables hundreds of unwanted hair follicles without damaging the surrounding skin. The laser handpiece comfortably cools as it glides over the skin to deliver the laser pulses to the treated areas.

The ClearScan, Lightsheer and Coolglide lasers all have adjustable settings so that all skin types and all hair types can be safely and effectively treated. The ClearScan and Coolglide lasers can even safely treat patients with a suntan or darkly pigmented skin.

Most hair removal treatments are performed in a series of four to six treatments, one to two months apart. After completing your treatment series the number of hair follicles in the treated area is permanently reduced but may not be completely hair free. Although you will no longer need to shave or pluck, some areas of the body will need maintenance treatments at least once a year to keep the area relatively free of unsightly hair.*

“I recommend Reflections to anyone concerned about excess hair growth”

“Since first coming to Dr. DiLauro at Reflections, I have seen a significant improvement in the amount of my hair growth. Dr. DiLauro does a great job of explaining exactly what she is doing and she always places safety first. I just recently got engaged, and thanks to Dr. DiLauro I have a significant boost in confidence. I recommend Reflections to anyone concerned about excess hair growth. I have had no side effects and I have been seeing Dr. DiLauro for well over a year.” *

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