47 E. Wilson Bridge Road

Columbus, Ohio 43085

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47 E. Wilson Bridge Road

Columbus, Ohio 43085

Phone: 614-885-3500

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Vampire Face Lift

No Surgery Involved

Vampire Face Lift and Breast Lift

vampire-face-lift-marie dilauro-md-reflectionsSee Cosmopolitan Magazine
and the Daily Mail articles about the Vampire Face and Breast Lift and Kim Kardashian here: COSMOPOLITAN and here: DAILY MAIL.

Restore shape, improve tone, and smooth texture — all with one treatment! The Vampire Face Lift is a new, special treatment designed to make you look younger by giving your face a naturally beautiful shape with filler and PRP. First a filler like Restylane is injected, then your own personal platelet growth factors and stem cells in your PRP are added to boost your results while improving color, texture, and lift. Your PRP will trigger the formation of new tissue collagen, fat and blood vessels over time to give you a healthy youthful glow.
Vampire FaceLift Treatments start at: $1,500 with package options available

The Vampire Facelift is great for:
Flat cheeks, loss of lift in middle of face, under eye circles and rough texture.

Vampire Facial

The Vampire Facial is a special rejuvenation procedure for improving skin color and texture. In the Vampire Facial, a fractional collagen induction treatment like the Skin Pen is performed to create thousands of portals for your PRP reach the dermal layer of your skin. Your PRP is then applied topically, is absorbed by your skin, and travels to your skin’’s dermis to stimulate your fibroblasts to form new tissue collagen, fat and blood vessels to give you a healthy youthful glow.

The Vampire Facial is great for:
Fine lines and wrinkles, brown spots, dull skin, rough texture


For more information on the Vampire Face Lift click HERE


∗ See Dr. DiLauro's article, "Beyond Liposuction: Fat melting, skin tightening combos", published in the Cosmetic Surgery Times, by clicking here: Beyond Liposuction article


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