Vaser Shape

Clinical Effects of Non-invasive Ultrasound Therapy for Circumferential Reduction

Vaser Shape to tummy before and after photos-3

Vaser Shape to Tummy

Pratha Atluri, MD; Frank Barone, MD; Joseph Cervone, MD; Lauren Chavez, MD; George Davis, MD, FACEP; Marie DiLauro MD; David Kang, MD; Lisa Kang, MD; Elizabeth LaRoche, MD; Julene Samuels, MD; William Ting, MD, MBA; Michael Tomcik, MD; Paul M. Zieg, MD

Introduction: Conventional body contouring techniques such as liposuction, although now far less invasive, still require extended periods of recuperation and the use of compression garments. Several noninvasive techniques for soft tissue, adipose, and dermal treatment have been reported in the literature as also producing circumferential measurement reductions in patients. These results can now be correlated to evidence-based scientific methodology versus anecdotal reports.Materials and Methods: Patients were treated using the VASER Shape (Sound Surgical Technologies, Louisville, Colo) as part of routine practice. Circumferential measurements were made before and after treatments.

Results: Two hundred and four patients were treated in 741 treatment sessions at 12 centers in the United States beginning in June 2010. When measured immediately after treatment, the patients experienced a 0.8-in circumferential reduction in the abdomen and a 0.5-in reduction on the thighs. Circumferential reduction continued over the course of treatments, resulting in reductions of more than 2-in and 1-in, respectively, in the abdomen and thighs. In no cases were any analgesics or anesthesia provided to patients before or during treatment. In general, the patients reported that the treatment was pleasant and felt warm but not uncomfortable. After treatment, patients were able to continue with their normal daily routines. Patients reacted positively to the procedure and the immediacy of results, and many reported that their clothes fit better when they dressed after treatment. In addition to circumferential measurement changes, patients also reported the sensation of feeling tighter in the treated area and that the treated areas had smoother skin.

Conclusions: The VASER Shape system presents a novel approach to achieving immediate circumferential measurement reduction noninvasively with no patient downtime.

Received: July 11, 2011 ;Published Online: June 2012

From the ClearWaves, PC, Albuquerque, NM (Dr Chavez), Reflections, Columbus, Ohio (Marie DiLauro MD), the Serenity MedSpa, San Francisco, Calif (Dr David Kang, Dr Lisa Kang), the Body & Face Medical Cosmetic Center LLC, Murfreesboro, Tenn (Dr LaRoche), the California Dermatology Care, San Ramon, Calif (Dr Ting), the Advanced Laser Skin Care Center, San Ramon, Calif (Dr Tomcik), and the Zieg Plastic Surgery Center, Evansville, Ind (Dr Zieg).

The following are in private practice: Dr Atluri, Cincinnati, Ohio, Dr Barone, Toledo, Ohio, Dr Cervone, West Orange, NJ, Dr Davis, The Woodlands, Tex, and Dr Samuels, Louisville, KY.